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About Us


  • We are the online food merchandise who deliver food at door step upon online and phone in orders.
  • We entitle ourselves the “Meal Boys” and will just be a click away for The Perfect Meal.
  • If looking for our location we will be at four pronounced locations of the chosen cities covering a radius of 8kms and more.
  • Wondering on what the chosen cities might be ?
  • Starting with Hyderabad and expanding towards Chennai, Pune and Bangalore
  • Of course available at our official website and at 040-64554555 for call in orders.
  • Each of the mentioned cities will be accommodated with four work arenas out of which one being the main kitchen.
  • Main kitchen so called based upon its functionality where the menu is prepared by the Chief chef and distributed to the remaining 3 work places.

Meal Boys per city consists of a

  • A Supervisor Head
  • Chief Chef (At Main Kitchen)
  • Store Manager (At Every Branch)
  • Customer Care Center
  • An Automated Software System

Customer Care Center :

 A 24/7 customer care center is located one each per city

  • Upon receiving orders from any 3rd party/company websites CC should direct to the respective outlets.
  • In time Notifications
  • Login details Check and be knowledgeable of Meal boys brochure in details
  • Manage customer complaints/Queries

What we SERVE

  • Menu includes all the basic Indian cuisine concentrating more in the way we present them.
  • Quality of service : Stands first for every success strategy
  • Availability at reasonable costs
  • Including well known third party vendors as in Food Panda, Swiggy, Zomato etc.
  • Gift/Discount coupon system for online orders
  • Complimentary gifting system allowing the customer to gift others
  • Fast delivery
  • Toll free number for phone in orders initially
  • Any of the orders is delivered in a nicely packed poly coated tray inclusive of a peppy water bottle.
  • Snacks , Beverages and desserts are our inclusions apart from the main course.
  • We will be open in two shifts 11am -3:30 pm and 6pm-02:00am on every day of the week

Meal Boys are here

  • To bring the perfect meal easily accessible and available at the customer’s doorstep in minutes time.
  • And tingle the customer’s taste buds with a Home Flavored food.

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